About US

Be Natural Products was born out of a childhood spent in Greece and a passion for the landscape and incredible produce found there. We have made it our mission to use these experiences to try and bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your doorstep. This can be from the freshest herbs or soaps and candles made using traditional methods or sea salt collected from the same spot for generations.

What we care about

We regularly visit our small producers so we can know as much as possible about how the products are made and are happy with their quality. We care deeply about the provenance of our products carefully sourcing items that are as natural as possible.

We care about the planet and our producers; often small businesses or family run enterprises. Sourcing directly from them means we can get the best price for them and the best price for our customers.

St Nicholas Market

We have traded at St Nicholas Market for 5 years. Having a physical presence is hugely important to us as is it a place we can interact with our customers, get feedback and in turn help us to develop and grow our product range. Everything you find on our website has been tried, tested and had excellent feedback.



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